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John Of God Journeys with Lorraine Burne 
Authorised Casa Guide

NEXT JOURNEYS:  Mid March 2018 (exact dates to be confirmed)
A confirmation with flight bookings must be received 6 weeks in advance in order for our pousada to hold accommodation. Please contact me regarding flights.

South Africans are getting to know more about the famous Brazilian healer John of God as more and more of us go there to experience this extraordinary man’s dedication to humanity. In over fifty nine years it is estimated he has healed well over 15 million people. Many have travelled there from all over the planet and many have had distance healing through photos taken there by others.
Yet we still fail to understand exactly how this healing is done. As John of God himself says, it is God who does the healing, and he is only the vessel.

John of God  is the most renowned full trance medium healer in the world.

He incorporates into his physical body about thirty six Beings of Light from the Spirit realm, all of whom were doctors, physicians, surgeons, psychiatrists, priests and healers in previous lives. These devoted beings perform miracles through his physical body at the Casa de Dom Inacio every day while he remains unconscious. Casa visitors arrive with blindness, tumors, deafness, cancers, immobile limbs, Aids and many types of neurological and psychological diseases and leave completely healed. Others are asked to return a few times, for some take longer to open themselves to the healing. All who go receive a spiritual and emotional cleansing, clearing past emotion and trauma.

Many receive a feeling of deep peace within, or a knowingness that all is perfect in our lives as it is. Many are moved forward into their lives, more open and aware. Many have clear insights into their intended life purpose and the way towards this opens up. All have our hearts and spirits lifted.
My life changed inexorably, placing me on a new path to service and healing. I received a thousand fold more than I ever expected or wished for, and each time I go there, I come away with a greater sense of joy within me, that was not there before.

The atmosphere in the small town where the Casa is built on a bed of natural crystal is unlike any other I have known. There is a tangible feeling of Oneness and Love that pervades. People from all over the world gather in the Main hall on Casa days waiting to see John of God. The lines can take several hours. Old and young, in all states of physical health wait patiently while the volunteers talk about the miracles that occur there, and inspire us to be more loving and more receptive to Spirit in our daily lives, and to take better care of our physical and spiritual selves.

It is a humbling and simultaneously, awe inspiring experience. Everyone is enveloped in what is termed the “Casa fog” and one is never the same after such a life changing visit. The lines pass through into the current rooms at the back, where many sit in silent meditation. They are all diagnosed by these Beings or “Entities” as they are called and the hall empties out. At the end of the morning sessions people queue for the blessed soup that is freely offered on Casa days. Between the morning and afternoon sessions one can sit on the benches in the gardens and gaze out at the beautiful lush hills that surround the Casa, or mediate on the peaceful wooden deck.  One can have a few Crystal Bed sessions to clear and re energize ones molecular structure and cleanse the body of all the limitations we set in our minds and cells. These sessions are extraordinary on their own and these Crystal Lights are used around the world by those who have them, for similar healing by these Light Beings.  ( I have these in Fourways, Johannesburg.) 
For those who receive “spiritual interventions “ or energetic surgery, a 24 hour rest period is prescribed, and one stays in ones pousada – small B & B – until one can come back to the Casa. Up to nine different procedures can be done in one of these surgeries. Many return to their homelands and doctors and find internal stitches and laser work that never occurred on this plane. 

There are many protocols to follow, and as most of the proceedings are conducted in Portuguese, the Casa encourages people to visit there with a guide to ensure that they are supported, cared for and know where to be and what to do, for this can be very emotional  and confusing as one shifts old baggage and receives  huge energy into one’s being.  The encouragement and support of a group is also a blessing in such a place.    

There is no doubt in my mind that a visit to the Casa is one of the most magnificent gifts one can give oneself.. certainly if one is ill, but also for those who wish to  lift themselves spiritually and  open up their lives into Light and realizing their higher potential. We also have no knowledge of what is latent in our physical bodies, for disease manifests  in the physical only after it appears in the emotional body.

The Casa de Dom Inacio is quite the most inspiring place I have ever visited, and I have travelled far and wide.

PLEASE CONTACT ME ON 082 856 6811 OR info@johnofgodluzdivina.co.za