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Crystal Bed Therapy ®


The combination of light and crystals goes back to ancient times.  
What is unique about these Crystal Lights is that they were created by the Light Beings of the Casa of John of God in Central Brazil.
Their experiential effect is specific to each individual and focuses on each one’s state of mind and being at the time of treatment, so no two sessions are ever the same.
Medical science now confirms what we knew long ago, that our cells have intelligence, electrical force, as well as quartz like crystal properties. We know too that crystals can store, generate and balance energy. So the light pulsing through these specially cut crystals resonates with our innate crystalline, water and light structure, our coded DNA composition as well as with our chakra ” wheels”.  It is in this connection that healing occurs.   
This health restoring therapy reorders and balances us on a molecular level, raising our vibrational patterns and our etheric template, restructuring the water quotient in our bodies, and  regenerating harmony and ease within us.
These sessions cleanse us of negative influences held in our physical mental, emotional and spiritual bodies; from discordant thoughts and emotions, to environmental toxins.
More importantly these Crystal Lights are a medium through which the Casa Beings of Light work, offering us an inexplicable inner peace, allowing us to shift forward into our lives to be more loving, more accepting, and with more clarity, awareness and sense of purpose.     
Our positive thoughts and prayers merged with the Crystal Lights carry healing into our cellular memory, and with this Divine connection, our healing is amplified.
CONTACT LORRAINE IN  FOURWAYS on 082 856 6811 or info@johnofgodluzdivina.co.za for Crystal Lights sessions,
talks and journeys to John of God in Brazil.