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In the usual beautiful way of Spirit – I was magickally guided to take this most amazing, special journey to the Casa of John of God in Central Brazil and in finding
Lorraine Burne as my Guide to get me to this holy and sacred place.  The alchemical magick of the Casa is phenomenal. 

And I have to say I would not have experienced the honour and privilege of meeting and connecting with this oh, so very humble man who has dedicated his whole life in service to the Light and the great gift of coming before the Entities - (who stepped forward to aid me in my Soul Progression, to assist me in releasing all that does not serve me and to move me forward into my new life) – the beauty, the many, many blessings, the healing and positive transformation in my life that is still continuing to unfold - if it was not for Lorraine.  To undertake such a life-changing journey of your Soul – it is imperative to be absolutely and totally immersed in the process and being in the moment – to be fully aware of what is coming up for release and to be fully available to yourself to co-create, together with the Entities, your transition from the darkness of your life and into the Light of your Soul.  And Lorraine allowed us to do just that – she took care of the mundane and also our spiritual welfare as we journeyed along this reverent, life-changing path.  It was very reassuring to me and allowed me to totally surrender to the process and receive all that I needed to.  She made sure that we had clarity on exactly how everything at the Casa is run, what to expect, the when, how and who of it all – and also arranged many magickal experiences – lots of laughter and joy-filled times and we had a very special, unforgettable experience, which is indelibly etched into my Soul.  My gratitude, love and many blessings to Lorraine – for being the most amazing, magickal and special Guide of John of God.

Catherine Galahianakis

I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Brazil in 2013 and to experience the John of God healing tour.  
It was in itself a life changing experience for me and i felt so blessed being granted the opportunity to go.  This in itself, traveling from South Africa to Brazil , would not have been possible for me if i were to go on my own. I am almost blind due to my  eyes optic nerves that failed and  only  have 1% vision in one eye left.  
I cannot be more thankful for my tour guide, confidant and care giver  Mrs. Lorraine Burne who went with me.  She is a very organized lady and all our travel arrangements went off without any hitches. 
At the Casa i could not have wanted a better guide. Lorraine spend much time with me,  taking me around and seeing that all my physical needs were met with the outmost care and dedication. She is one of the rare people that would put all her problems aside  and take time for the people under her care. She encouraged me and helped me  and nothing was too much to ask for. During my stay she kept constant communication with my wife back at home, keeping her updated about my experiences and wellbeing.  She extended her services beyond her call of duty and long after our return trip home, she kept in contact with me to hear how i was progressing and to encourage me.
I cannot recommend her as a tour guide enough.  If i have the opportunity to go again i will definitely  go in her group again.
Thank you Lorraine for not only being a marvelous tour leader, but an inspiration.

Vanco Minov

At the beginning of December the opportunity to receive a blessing from John of Godcame my way. The reason for requesting a health blessing was that for years I had been struggling with a skin condition. After hundreds of thousands of rand being spent and my hopes being dashed many times, I would try anything.  I looked like a freak with red blotches on my face. And looking at me, this is what people saw. It became easier to hide away at home than go out. Even my business life was affected, I could only do jobs that left me in the corner.
Together with principles of honouring my body and verdite powder, 3 March 2014 my face is clear.
It is with absolute gratitude that I thank Lorraine for faciliting the following three blessings:

  1. Having my photograph blessed by John of God
  2. Bringing me the tablets from Brazil and
  3. Sessions under the crystals.

Elizabeth Pereira

I was introduced to the Lights about six months ago by a special friend Lorraine Burne.
My initial reason was because I had a general feeling of tiredness and out of touch with myself and my body.  I was also in a great deal of pain and numbness in my feet. My first treatment was on a Friday evening,   I felt very calm and very centered on my return home and slept very deeply that night.  When I awoke in the morning, I was feeling so clear and almost cleansed and my feet did not have any pain and a lot more movement.

Over a period of about six months now, I have had a few more treatments and on each occasion there has been a wonderful sense of re-newal in areas of my body. I have not experienced pain in my feet for few months now and a much clearer thinking after each treatment.   I feel that not only have I experienced a physical difference, but an emotional and mental enrichment. I have recently suffered the loss of my husband, and the treatments have given me a huge feeling of being able to feel at peace and understanding. I have a stronger feeling in my ability to trust myself and know that I am feeling more positive and uplifted. 

I can recommend a treatment under the Lights to feel a sense of change and well-being in one’s life.

Liz Critten.

I met Lorraine in mid 2013 after being given her details by a friend. I had been ill for some time and was keen to discover how she could help me as, being of Indian descent, I had been through many similar treatments in the past. Lorraine showed me the John of God DVD before our first session. I was astonished by what I saw and was eager to have a similar experience. Due to health issues and work pressures, I was unable to go to Brazil. Lorraine offered me an alternative which was the Crystal bed treatment. As this was based on chakra realignment and healing, I was eager to try it. My first session was amazing. From the moment Lorraine placed her hands on my hands, I felt a surge of energy, warmth and well being. During the 1 hour session I was tingling all over and could feel my pain melt away. I focused on what I wanted - as Lorraine had asked me to do. I made my intention small for that session and I achieved it and more. Lorraine's healing hands and the power of the crystal lights have been helping me ever since. 

From SASH.

"I had been feeling depressed and swamped in inertia in my life last year, and Lorraine took my picture to be presented to John of God to see if it could open some doors for me. 
I felt a very significant change in my energy state the moment I opened the email from Lorraine about the time of presentation of the photo to John of God on that day. The difference was so pronounced that it felt like moving from night into day.
Lorraine returned a week later with my capsules that held the specific vibration that I needed, and on taking them I started feeling a further significant change as well.  My spirit lifted,  and has continued to do so during the 6 weeks that I've been taking the capsules. There is also more of a sense of physical well being that is present with me. "

Willem Smuts

Where to begin………..

Well, one never realises how much your health and happiness are connected to one another until one loses either one of them. I lost both a few years ago and so here is my journey:

I grew up in Rhodesia in the 60’s-it was an idyllic country and wonderful for children. Despite being the ‘runt’ of the litter (I was the youngest and fifth girl in the family) I was a healthy bundle of tomboyish energy and, apart from the normal childhood diseases, nothing ever got me down being the happy child that I was.
I married my first husband when I was 22 years old, which in hindsight was way too young, but that was the norm then. I was extremely happy and loved my newly found independence, my home, my garden, dancing, gym, life was good! Motherhood was even better- seeing these little perfect humans that you had created out of love was the most amazing experience and I was blessed with three beautiful children –boy, girl, boy, what more could I ask for. Everything seemed perfect- until it all went ugly. My husband left me with three small children- I guess that is the part where all my stress began.
I was married again 2 years after that to a much younger man but that was a total disaster from the beginning of the 8 year abusive marriage right until the end which left my children and I even more damaged- lesson learnt, no rebound is worth it!
I had left Zimbabwe (as Rhodesia is now called) with the second husband to live in Durban, South Africa and this is where I divorced him. I was coping alright as I was doing pretty well as an estate agent and now at least I had nobody bullying my kids and I so now I felt that I could start to heal- I rented a flat up the North Coast that was on the beach and the sound of the waves crashing and long walks on the beach soothed my soul. Little did I know what horrific storm the universe still had in store for me to pass through!
I was left with no maintenance, no home and just a lot of hope and strength to hang onto. The property market deteriorated and working on commission only with three kids to support was no joke. I went into rentals where the cash flow was easier but perhaps the work was just as hard and for less money.
As a stress reliever I started to run next to the beach and despite my lungs burning like hell in the beginning, I slowly built up my stamina and after 6 months I could jog a distance of 8km’s straight without stopping and , even if I say so myself, I was so proud that I could achieve that! I took 3 to 4 hours to recover each time though as I was so breathless.
In due course I moved to Glenashley South of Umhlanga, Durban so I would be closer to my new job which was PA to a Principal in the Real Estate industry. My daughter and I shared a pokey cottage at the back of somebody’s house. My two sons had left so it was just her and I.
I carried on with my jogging when I got to Glenashley but I now could only run about 50 meters before having to stop and get my breath back- then I would carry on again. My Mom was a chronic asthmatic and had only developed this late in life so I thought I might be developing asthma like her.
I bought myself an over the counter asthma pump and that seemed to help a little at first. Life seemed to be coming together as I had a new job and I was seeing a good man whom I had met on a dating sight but he lives in Johannesburg so I was flying up to him every second weekend.
Each time I arrived at Oliver Tambo airport it became more and more difficult to walk from the plane, collect my case and then to the arrivals, I had to stop five or six times to catch my breath and, still thinking it was asthma, I tried to ignore it and get on with my life.
On one of my trips to Joburg my boyfriend and I were caught in a heavy rainstorm whilst going for a fun ride in his Willy’s CJ2A jeep and within a few hours I had developed a terrible sore throat, temperature and a dreadful cough. Well that’s when that cough began and it is probably a good thing that I did not know just how long it would go on for.
I saw numerous GP’s and was put on antibiotic after antibiotic. I even saw a well renowned specialist in Durban and he put it down to asthma and gave me stronger and stronger asthma pumps but each time my cough would seem like it was getting a bit better and then it would return in full vigour- I coughed so much that often I could not catch my breath and my ribs and lungs were sore from exhaustion. I also felt so tired that to sleep forever would have been a blessing at that stage.
Work colleagues started separating their tea mugs from mine and I heard one had asked if I had been tested for TB which really hurt me as I had undergone just about every single test and nothing was showing up.
My dear old Mom passed away in the November 2012 which once again set my health back because of the stress and loss that I felt. I could not even sit outside at my niece’s house at Mom’s memorial tea as I was coughing so much and I felt so dreadful whilst everyone chattered and enjoyed the family companionship. I was also starting to lose weight at an alarming rate.
I flew up to Joburg for Christmas and met my boyfriend’s parents for the first time – of course I was coughing, which was most embarrassing, but I made it through a busy Christmas with a smile on my face even though I felt like dying inside. I was by then feeling extremely breathless and dizzy, I felt like I had been on a boat and had that rocking feeling that you get when you climb back on to land. By this stage I had been coughing for almost a year.
I flew back to Durban and my man had said that I must tell my boss that I could not work in this condition and to come and live with him. My boss understood and said there was no need for me to work my notice as he could see how ill I was. After speaking to him I went to a large shopping mall to sort a few things out and that is when my body went into full shock- I started shaking uncontrollably and shivering, I was so cold and I was disoriented and couldn’t remember where my car was. Nobody helped me- they probably thought I was a hopeless alcoholic or something and stayed well clear. Somehow I found the car and drove to my daughter’s work which wasn’t far, but she was out of the office and her dear boss helped me and tried to warm me up and made me some hot, sweet tea- shame I think he thought I was going to die then and there and wanted to call an ambulance! My daughter drove me home and I slept all afternoon but I felt like I was slipping in and out of consciousness and had a high fever- I was very confused and I wasn’t sure if I was in Durban or Joburg.


The next day my GP booked me into hospital and put me under a pulmonologist. After many tests he finally diagnosed me with ‘pulmonary hypertension’- I had never heard of it. Your lung arteries harden and your heart works hard to push the blood through your lung vessels to get the blood oxygenated but as they are constricted so the blood back flows in to pulmonary artery causing hypertension in the artery. This in turn causes right heart failure as that side of the heart enlarges and becomes weaker and weaker. I checked my file and on it was written ‘cardiac failure’ as my diagnosis. HELP!!!! ME???? Surely not -I had never smoked, kept fit, danced, good grief surely not me? He discharged me for the weekend and said I could come back for a lung scan on the Monday.
I went home but my breathing got far worse over the weekend. I had the scan on the Monday but I was getting worse- I felt I was going to die. My daughter’s boss rushed me to hospital again on the Tuesday and by that stage I could hardly walk and I had to have oxygen 24hours a day administered as soon as I arrived at the hospital. I saw a cardiac specialist and between him and the pulmonologist they put me forward to go on the heart/lung transplant list. Good grief- was this really happening to me? I was put on revatio and warfarin but told the only way I would have a normal life was to have the transplant.
When I was finally discharged I flew to Joburg to be with my partner- I had to be pushed in a wheelchair to the plane and hoisted on- I could not even walk up the stairs. I also had to have oxygen on the plane which would have embarrassed me in normal circumstances but quite frankly by that stage I didn’t give a damn! Oh and, by the way, I was STILL coughing!! The young chap next to me on the plane gave me some really disgusted stares- I don’t blame him- with the huge ‘ Darth Vader’ O2 mask they had given me and my constant coughing he probably thought he was about to catch some incurable disease! I had a good laugh about it afterwards- my sense of humour was just about the only thing that I had left to get me through everything!
So this is how I had to enter my new partner’s life- oxygen tubes and all he took me on, what a special person I have.
When I arrived in Joburg my dreams at night and in the day when I slept were always very vivid and I was back with all my sisters in our house in Rhodesia and Mom and Dad were always there. I had one experience where I could see myself sleeping one afternoon and I saw my Mom come in and she brushed my forehead and said ‘ what’s going on Kathy?’ I felt her warm hand just as she had always looked after me when I had felt ill as a child. I believe that my dear Mom and Dad were both concerned and were close to me always during this time.
My eldest sister Eileen lives in Joburg and gave me such wonderful support. She had heard through her boss about Lorraine who does ‘Crystal healing’. She asked if I would like a session and by that stage I would have tried anything so I said yes.
I met Lorraine a few months after I had been in Joburg and I was still pretty much on O2 all day and sleeping most of the time. I could do without O2 for about three hours but found it hard to even sit up for long.
We watched a video about John of God from Brazil who has been healing people since he was 14 years old and then Lorraine put me under the crystal lights for a healing session. I remember many years ago in Zimbabwe I had watched a programme ‘Carte Blanche’ and they had featured John of God and had shown him doing his operations whilst people are conscious and how marvellous it all was.


Different entities enter John of God and use his body to do the healing work. Lorraine told me I may feel the entities working on me as I lay under the crystal lights. Well, either I have a very good imagination or I am mad but definitely something started happening after she had said a prayer and as I lay quietly under the lights with my eyes covered and a warm blanket over me.
I felt like someone was telling me that the entire colour had gone out of my life- which I know was true- being a Sagittarian I was always loud, colourful and full of life and I did feel stripped of everything by now.
I could see different scarves of colour were been draped over me one by one, beautiful colours- the first scarf was white and then all the colours of the rainbow followed- I could not see who was doing this but I knew it was beings of some sort. Once all the colours were on they then started taking the scarves off one by one until they took the last one, the white one, off. Lorraine quietly came in and told me the session had ended and Eileen and I enjoyed home-made tomato soup and rye bread with her afterwards!
Well in the next few weeks nothing happened apart from me feeling even more tired and even almost like I had gone downhill a bit!
My cough, however, had improved but I was still very weak.
I went for my review under my new specialist in Joburg who actually does the heart/lung transplants in mid May 2013. He was puzzled- my breathing had gotten a little better and my cough had almost disappeared. He said perhaps I was misdiagnosed but I had to wait a year for my new medical aid to kick in before I could go through all the tests once again. I was still hanging onto the fact that a transplant would be the only answer. However, I do believe that everything happens for a reason and had I not have had that waiting period I may not have experienced the wonderful things that took place in that year.
Lorraine went to Brazil in June and took my photo before John of God to be prayed over. I had to write three requests on the back of my picture- I asked for healing from this dreadful disease, healing from the abuse that I had suffered and to learn to love myself. I had to lay quietly on the evening that my photo was taken before John of God- Lorraine let Eileen know when and I followed instructions. I listened to classical music and thought good thoughts. Something strange happened in the en suite bathroom as I saw a shadow in there and thought it was our maid but she had long gone off duty and it was a bit of a mystery but I was used to strange things happening by now!
Lorraine brought some pills back from Brazil for me to take. A two month course- they are made from passiflora and are harmless but they have been prayed over and programmed for your particular healing. You are also advised to carry on with your medical treatment which I did. I felt extremely tired over the next two months and slept even more than usual but my cough now was almost completely gone. Lorraine warned me that the tiredness is a sign that the entities have worked on you so I hoped she was right and that it wasn’t this curse taking over my body. I was still on O2 for about 3 hours in the day and all night.
I started having vivid dreams of myself running- I almost felt like I had been running all night when I woke up in the morning! It was strange – I was still sick in the dreams but I could run and I just couldn’t understand this. I was getting a little stronger and could walk a km or so by now but slowly- strange as I had been told that I would probably be bed ridden by the end of 2013.I never thought my running dreams would come true though as I had tried to jog a little and was completely breathless after about 3 meters!

In August 2013 I decided to take the bull by the horns and try to jog again. I came out of the gate and started slowly- it wasn’t too bad! I kept going pushing for as long as I could and thought that I had run a distance of about 500 meters! I was so excited to tell my partner and he measured the distance for me and it was in actual fact 900 meters! Miracle of miracles I couldn’t believe it.
With my new found confidence and the challenge ahead of me I started to jog every day and tried to add a few hundred meters on each time! My dream was coming true- I was jogging again and my breathing and recovery time were not too bad at all. I was getting stronger every day- I did have the odd bad day though which really got me down.
By September I was able to jog distances of two and a half km’s without stopping once and I will never forget the sense of achievement the first time that I managed that!
Again I took the bull by the horns and In November 2013 I started to sleep without O2 and was managing with about three hours of O2 in the day.
My partner’s dear Dad passed away in November 2013 and we drove down to be with his Mom in Port Shepstone.
His whole family could not believe the difference in me and how well I was looking and coping and best of all I did not have that dreadful cough! Hallelujah! Wasn’t I supposed to be bed ridden by now?
In mid -December 2013 Eileen took me to Lorraine for another crystal healing session and this time under the lights I felt the entities around me and my lungs were rather sore- I also felt someone bump the bed several times like they were leaning over me but nobody was in the room! Once again I was very tired in the weeks that followed but could still jog.
My partner and I spent a quiet and lovely Christmas together- I had not been sure that I would see this particular Christmas! By now I was coping without O2 for several days at a time.
I was scheduled to go to hospital on Feb 4th  2014 for all the re testing to be done- I went into a deep depression and cried a lot as bad memories flooded back and I knew the tests are not pleasant. One is a cardiac angiogram which involves catheters being threaded up your pulmonary artery from your groin into your heart to measure pressures and take samples and you are wide awake when it is done- I really didn’t want to go through it all again!
Anyway, I pulled myself together and went into Milpark hospital with a smile on my face. My specialists were baffled- they did all the tests and it all pointed toward me having PH but they had never seen a patient improve as I had done – especially from the stage that I was at a year back! The pulmonologist really had hoped that it had been blood clots in my lungs that caused it and that I had being misdiagnosed but he even had to come to the conclusion that I do definitely have PH and the fact that I can run is basically a miracle- well he didn’t say that exactly – he said it was ‘a mystery’!! Ha ha- but yes in every way I believe it is a miracle and I will continue to jog and live a normal life because of my miracle!
I am due for my 4 monthly review after my hospitalisation next week and I know that I am doing well. I believe I can completely beat this with the crystal healing sessions and a positive mind. Everyone is in awe of my improvement and there is no reason why I shouldn’t live a long life. My next goal is to wean myself off O2 completely. I no longer want my heart and lungs replaced with someone else’s and I am quite happy with my set that God gave me- after all they have been miraculously regenerated!
Most of all thank you to my special and precious partner Phil whom I love dearly, thank you to John of God, Lorraine, my darling sisters Eileen, Denise, Maureen and Susan, my beautiful children Daniel, Shanelle and Nicholas and thank you to all my wonderful friends and family that have given me such love, strength and support, I am so grateful for all the blessings that have been bestowed on me.
As my beautiful daughter wrote in one of my Birthday cards before I even knew I had this condition:
‘Keep smiling, Keep running, Keep hoping, Keep praying, Keep being exactly what you are already…… Happy Birthday My beautiful Mommy!’
And that’s exactly what I intend doing!

Kathryn Perkiss