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Trips to the Casa

A Most Extraordinary Life Changing Experience. NEXT JOURNEYS:Mid March 2018 (exact dates to be confirmed)

A confirmation with flight bookings must be received 6 weeks in advance in order for our pousada to hold accommodation.
Please contact me regarding flights.

Join me in Brazil for an experience unlike any other and know that you will be changed on so many levels while embraced in the unique atmosphere of the Love and Compassion of the Entities of Light at the Casa of John of God.

We depart Johannesburg on a Sunday night or Monday for a pleasant ten hour flight to Sao Paolo. After a short transit we take a 1hour 20 minute flight to Goiania, a growing town in Goias State, Central Brazil. Our Casa authorized taxi will meet us and drive us for an hour to the small town of Abadiania where the Casa is located. There we will check into our pousada and rest.

Tuesdays are soup making days and after a fabulous buffet breakfast we will walk to the Casa and volunteer to cut veggies for the blessed soup which is given to all on Casa days. This act of service will start our journey and offers us an opportunity to meet people from all over the globe visiting there. All have their stories as to how they came to be there, and of their healing.  I will give you an orientation of the Casa and guide you on how to prepare for Wednesday, your first Casa day. After a buffet lunch at our pousada you can choose to have a Crystal Bed treatment, or sit quietly in meditation on one of the benches in the Casa gardens. In the late afternoon there is a briefing by one of the senior Casa volunteers. After dinner we will meet once again to be sure that you are ready for the amazing journey you have come to enjoy.

Wednesday will offer an early wake up, buffet breakfast of fresh fruits and we will walk to the Casa with many others to find a place in the Main hall.  You will join the translation queues to have your requests written in Portuguese by one of the Casa translators who will meet you as you pass through the lines to be presented to John of God. The energy in the Main hall is at times overwhelming and affects people palpably. Some of the volunteers will speak about the protocols and miracles that happen here, and some visitors may get up to give accounts of their personal healings. Soon John of God in Entity will come out onto the platform and perform any physical operations that have been requested for that day.

Then the lines begin. You will have been briefed by me on which line to join and what to anticipate. Some will receive guidance, some prescriptions for the Herbal tablets and others will be asked to return for a spiritual intervention in the afternoon session or the next day. I will be with you through all the steps to advise and support you through the process. We will then go to the soup area and queue for the Casa soup before returning to our pousada for a buffet lunch.
We will come back to the Casa for the afternoon session and those going in for a spiritual intervention will be placed in the correct lines.  Afterwards I will ensure you return to the pousada to rest and are aware of the protocols post surgery. Some of you may choose to sit in the current rooms for meditation. It is in these current rooms that very profound inner healing takes place and our presence there enables John of God to hold the huge energies of the Light Beings who are working on us all as we visit there. We will return to the pousada at the end of the afternoon session and at 6 30 pm have our buffet dinner of wonderful fresh and lovingly prepared food.  

Thursday and Friday we will again be at the Casa and the often complex protocols will be explained according to your individual progress. Some may be resting after surgery. Others will sit in the current room and some may wish to join me at the sacred waterfall as I will get passes for the group. Some may have Crystal bed sessions during these two days and you may wish to simply be in the Casa gardens feeling the peace there, reading or  being in silence.
For the weekend and the next Monday you will be surprised at the blessings you will find in people you meet  talking in the few cafes on the main street or in the gardens of the pousada or the Casa. You may get up early to watch the sunrise with me on a hill not far from the Casa gates and you may join me on a longer walk through the pristine, tranquil countryside if you have no protocol restrictions. There are several small shops selling crystals, clothing, books, dvd’s. hats etc. and  there is a small supermarket with  fruit, food, snacks, washing powder, toiletries and other essentials that you can visit. There are also pharmacies and a bank. These days will pass in a flash and you will be rested, yet energized, as you cannot yet imagine.

The following Tuesday you may again volunteer to cut soup veggies or do whatever you wish to prepare yourself for your second Casa week. We will have a few get togethers for questions, guidance and sharing in these days and certainly on the Tuesday. The Casa briefing can be attended again in the late afternoon. I will be available for personal guidance and support throughout.
During the second Casa week most people feel more comfortable with the activities and many get to sit in current in meditation.

This is usually a week for deeper healing at all levels, for insights, for old emotions and pain to be released and we are asked to spend quiet, alone time to fully process and appreciate the shifts that are happening inside. We can be social and we are encouraged to support one another in the group, realizing that the group was drawn from the Infinite for our benefit.

On our last Friday we have a chance to relax. The Saturday is a free day to do whatever calls you ..shop for gifts, sit in meditation , return to the waterfall or simply  hang out. On Sunday mornings there is a singing session in the Main Hall which is very inspiring. We sing songs from all over the world and some will do solo performances or sing songs from their countries.  This is a very special time.  

By Sunday we will have packed and will be ready to depart by taxi again for the airport in Goiania to fly home, again via Sao Paolo, arriving At OR Tambo in the afternoon on the Monday. We will all be changed, shifted and will have received blessings we never realized were possible. Our world view will be different. Our hearts will be more open and we will come back to our loved ones more appreciative of them and of our lives, knowing that there is more to this world that we can see or touch, and that we have been graced with the hand of Sprit and blessed by the presence of this  remarkable healer, Joao de Deus, in the heart of Brazil.
I welcome you to join me ...
Blessings and Love


PLEASE CONTACT ME ON 082 856 6811 OR info@johnofgodluzdivina.co.za

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